Free Standing

FSA -1 & 1.2

FSA-1 and FSA - 1.2 are portable power and data distribution solutions that brings technology safely from the wall to where you need it. Scalable in length and power configurations, FSA 1 & 1.2 transfer power and route cables in a safe to walk on, robust, and low profile design (only 1/2" thick), fit for any environment.

FSA Cut Sheet

Under Surface


USA-1 is designed to have no impact on the work surface. Hidden away until needed, USA - 1 reveals itself on a sturdy ball bearing track and locks into place. A one-touch operation lets you simply slide it back into the stow position. Constructed of clear anodized aluminum, USA - 1 is scalable to meet varying power, data, and audio/visual requirements.

USA-1 Cut Sheet

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