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ISA-1 brings customization to a new level. The removable top surface can be customized with an endless range of materials or graphics, while its remaining sides boast a sleek, high gloss plastic finish. The possibilities for plugging in are also extensive with a wide range of configurations available for power, data, and USB.

ISA-1 Cut Sheet


ISA-2 packs a fashionable - and functional - punch in any workplace. With its removable, customizable top, the creative possibilities for texture or pattern are endless. A range of power, data and USB configurations are available as well - including a 2 AMP USB duplex that's idea for charging tablets and other USB-friendly devices.

ISA-2 Cut Sheet


ISA-3's easy elegance and flush mount design are sure to complement a wide range of aesthetics, while its stylish plated or powder coat finish belies a robust, die-cast construction. Refined but versatile, ISA-3 offers a range of power, data, and USB configurations - including a 2 AMP USB duplex, ideal for charging two tablets and other USB-friendly electronics.

ISA-3 Cut Sheet


One part charming, one part cheeky, ISA-4 is a great way to round out your power and data needs. First you see its modern circular simplex design - then the face cleverly rotates to hide away when not in use. ISA-4's energetic colors and soft touch finish bring a further hint of play to any fashionable work environment. Three port options. Mounts in surface. With functionality and personality to spare, ISA-4 takes well rounded to a whole new level.

ISA-4 Cut Sheet


Fun, fashionable, and a little bit funky, ISA-5 is a great way to round out your power and data needs. Its punch of color, sleek profile, and smooth surface are just plain cool. The soft touch finish and circular simplex trio further underscore a modern yet playful attitude. Three port options available.

ISA-5 Cut Sheet

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