On-Surface Accessories


OSA-2 provides a new take on horizontal-mount desktop accessories and brings power and data right to your fingertips. OSA-2 features Spill-Proof outlets and is built on a completely modular platform allowing total customization when it comes to embedded power and data options.

OSA-2 Cut Sheet


OSA-3 is a vertical mount, clamp-on desktop power and data accessory. OSA-3 is expandable in capacity and customizable with a wide range of embedded options. OSA-3 really does take easy-install power solutions to new heights.

OSA-3 Cut Sheet


OSA-4 brings customization to a new level. The removable top surface can be customized with an endless range of materials or graphics, while its remaining sides boast a sleek, high-gloss plastic finish. The possibilities for plugging in are also extensive with a ride range of configurations available for power, data, and USB. OSA-4's Edge Mount & Table Top options do not require cutouts, making them the perfect retrofit solution.

OSA-4 Cut Sheet


OSA-5 packs a fashionable - and functional - punch in any work space. With its removable, customizable top, the creative possibilities for texture or pattern are endless. A range of power, data, and USB configurations are also available. The Table Top OSA-5 doesn't require a cutout in your work surface, making it a perfect retrofit solution.

OSA-5 Cut Sheet

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